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In November, Dan Helmer wrote an op ed in The Washington Post calling on Congress to revive the two billion spent on VA construction projects to assist veterans that are experiencing homelessness. In January, Dan Helmer wrote an op-ed in The Washington Post calling on the Trump Administration to support VA brain health and suicide prevention initiatives. And it may possibly have a lot more investment in child care and pre-school education.

Helmer argues that this would include building early childhood education centres more accessible, more family friendly and also more affordable. For parents on lower incomes, this can make all the difference in preserving money. One option would be making it much easier for existing facilities to come to be kid care. This will generate childcare even more affordable for additional parents, as they will not have to pay extra fees. He’s going to get the voice of grassroots democracy to the halls of Congress and fight to grow Medicare, Social Security, and Medicaid so that any American has access to affordable health care.

Dan Helmer is running to represent Virginia in Congress included in a progressive Democratic majority in the US House of Representatives. Healthcare, infrastructure, education, and reproductive rights would be Dan’s top priorities. He recognizes that these’re several of the most crucial problems facing our nation today, and https://virginiageneralassembly.gov/house/members/members.php?id=H0317 he is focused on fighting for them in Washington. As a young, new part of Congress, what are Dan Helmer’s original goals in office if elected?

On March 4, 2024, he was awarded the Distinguished Service Cross by the President of the United States, President Bush, for his excellent service as a new member of the House of Representatives. In recognition of the success of his, he had also been given the Distinguished Service Cross by the President of the United States, President Obama. Additionally, he thinks that a review board should contain users of the general public, not only elected officials, and needs to be empowered to discipline problematic officers and also revoke the licenses of theirs.

He supports legislation requiring racial bias education for all officers. Dan feels that many police departments, notably smaller ones, need to acquire much better education for combating racial profiling and also de escalation situations. Would Dan support the creation associated with a statewide police review board? Dan supports a program of frequent and regular review for those police officers. He’s been invited to speak at most of the National Conference on Issues, which was held in Washington, D.


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